Countryside Maintenance Lawn & Landscape

Sod - Instant Lawn Install

Sod Installation or Hydro Seeding will give you a beautiful lawn. This service includes the proper site preparations to make the installation a success. Grass can be very particular and requires the right soil conditions among other things to grow to its fullest potential. We will also address any drainage issues that the area may have when preparing for sod or hydro seed. If you don’t have a lawn and would like one then we can install sod or hydro seed to fix that. Or if you would just like to start over we can do that as well.

Countryside Maintenance Lawn & Landscape

Grass Seed & Straw

A new lawn with grass seed and straw. one of the benefits of using seed versus sod is that we can use different types of grass seed depending of the area were the grass will be growing. For instance, full sunlight will take a different type of grass seed as apposed to full shade. Some areas require special attention and Countryside Maintenance understands what it takes to get the perfect lawn started and to keep it that way.

Countryside Maintenance Lawn & Landscape

Patch Work

It seems there is a lawn project just about every year. if the project is small your lawn may require what we call "Patch Work". We match the grass seed to what you already are using and prepare the spot and make sure the new grass seed has what it needs to take root and flourish to meet up with the established lawn. You will see a slight color variance until the new grass matures which could be a full season.

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