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Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are a vital part of any structure. Gutters help direct water away from your structures foundation. This is very important for several reasons. When water is allowed to pool around a building because or poor gutters, down-spouts and/or poor grading, you risk damage to your foundation, your mortar and possible flooding in your basement. If your foundation becomes compromised, your building could shift and at times your doors and windows may not open of close properly. All of these problems may be cause because of clogged gutters. You can call Countryside Maintenance if you need help with gutter cleaning. We can help. Call- 330-689-0164

Protect Your Property

Sometimes the solution is as simple as cleaning the gutter during the fall clean-up season to ensure they will allow the rain and snow melt to freely flow down and away from your building. If melting snow does not have a clear path into the gutters and down the spouts, it could re-freeze. Over time, the thawing and refreezing of the ice could damage your shingles and also work water back up into your roofing system and possibly into your home. By neglecting your gutters, you could see an array of damage to your home or structure that could have easily been prevented.

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Do it Yourself Gutter Cleaning & Safety

Cleaning your gutters can be a dangerous job. You will need a good sturdy ladder, safe solid ground for your ladder, gloves, a bucket and not a fear of heights. Depending on the size of your home or building, this could be a daunting job. Some areas may not be easily accessible. If you have a two story home or building you may need something other than a ladder. We have the necessary equipment for just about any home or structure. Not all gutter cleaning jobs are recommended for the average do-it-your selfer, Give us a call today, we can handle the toughest of gutter cleaning jobs. Call- 330-689-0164

Safety is the first thing we consider when arriving at any gutter cleaning job. We know our equipment is proper and safe. Our professionals practice all the safety procedures. What we need to know at the job site is; The stability of the ground and accessibility to the gutters. Once we access all of the safety procedures and situations, we are ready to get working and clean out your gutters.

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