Spring and Fall Lawn Clean Up

Spring and Fall Lawn Clean Up

The purpose of a Spring Lawn Clean-Up is to revive your property from the hardships of winter. Spring Clean-Up is performed between February and April (depending on weather and preference).

Spring Clean-Up Services Include

  • • All debris is collected and removed from mulch beds and tree rings

  • • Shrubbery, ornamental trees, and ground covers are lightly maintenanced from any excess winter growth and all dead and/or damaged material is removed (large removals may result in additional fees)

  • • Tree rings and mulch beds are defined and excess turf and soil are removed

  • • Existing weeds are removed or treated and a pre-emergent weed control is applies to all beds

  • • Mulch beds are raked out and excess/aged mulch is removed

  • • All work areas are blown clean and left in an orderly fashion

Fall Clean-Up ensures that your lawn and landscaping are prepared for the winter. This service is provided between September and November depending on weather and preference.

Fall Clean-Up Services Include

  • • Year-end pruning to prepare trees and shrubs for winter dormancy. This makes certain your property continues to look well-maintained through the winter

  • • Mulched beds are raked over to revive the existing mulch and all weeds are removed from mulch-covered areas

  • • Sticks, trash, and debris are collected and removed

  • • All work areas are blown clean and left in an orderly fashion

  • • When leaves first begin to fall, moving crews will spend extra time cutting the leaves in small pieces during routine visits

  • • When leaves start falling in heavier concentrations, they are collected and either deposited into wooded areas onsite (for use as natural mulch) or hauled away

  • • A final touch-up leaf removal visit may be performed in the late fall to leave the appearance of your property clean and maintained over the winter.

Lawn Clean Up

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